Remote Monitoring & Control

Computer System Control And Telemetry
To optimize system performance, including contaminant extraction and destruction efficiency, RSI has developed a fully automated, user friendly, computer control system for its modular remediation systems. The Phoenix S.A.V.E.™ Controller maximizes vapor flow from the extraction wells and minimizes alternate fuel consumption simultaneously. The electronic controller senses any deviation from the stoichiometric air-to-fuel (A/F) ratio to optimize contaminant destruction and meet stringent air emissions standards. With the ability to optimize system operation to meet Air Quality Control standards, the patented computerized control system is cutting-edge technology.

Maintaining optimal A/F ratio is challenging with variations in site conditions, such as fluctuating hydrocarbon, oxygen or carbon dioxide concentrations. Competing systems require constant operator input to adjust to changing conditions. The Phoenix S.A.V.E.™ Controller can handle virtually any change in site conditions, from a slug of free product to a temporary loss of supplemental fuel. In the event of system shutdown based on the automatic detection of an incorrect operating condition, the computer can be preprogrammed to restart after verifying that all operating conditions are correct. The Phoenix S.A.V.E.™ Controller will not start the engine when a safety "kill" switch has been activated, for instance, due to high engine temperature, low oil pressure or high water level in the moisture knockout tank. In the event of a system shut down, the optional telemetry system can report unit status to the technician on call.


Monitor and control any site anywhere from your desktop workstation.

Aeration exceeds the destruction capacity of the ICE. The key to our success is that the catalytic module increases the total S.A.V.E.™ system capacity, with two off-gas treatment units (ICE and catalytic oxidation) operating simultaneously, in parallel. Our catalytic module requires no outside energy source as all required power is derived from the waste energy of the ICE. No one offers a better treatment cost per cubic foot treated than RSI’s patented remediation.

The Phoenix S.A.V.E.™ Controller has proven cost effective for our S.A.V.E.™ systems. Increased runtime, less-frequent maintenance visits, and reduced cleanup costs are achieved with this breakthrough technology. Truly innovative environmental solutions.


Landline or Cellular Bidirectional Communication
and Control

The Phoenix S.A.V.E.™ Controller can handle virtually any change in site conditions

Site Controller

The Project Manager
The optional "Project Manager" software module allows for control of the "Smart Valve Manifold System". This unique system optimizes BTUs extracted from the contamination source by rotating from well to well to determine the most efficient method of extraction. This reduces energy cost and increases contaminant removal rates. The system can be manually overridden for operator control, both on and off site.

Phoenix Host Software

The Phoenix Data-logger
Monitoring includes data reporting on engine vital signs and system operation. Reports are generated automatically or manually at the discretion of the operator. Data is stored at programmable intervals for future retrieval, and it can be downloaded via direct or modem connection to the PC.

Host Program Requirements
Any Pentium or higher computer running Microsoft Windows 95 or higher with a minimum of 8 megabytes of free disk space. U.S. Robotics (3COM) Sportster
modem (external). Model numbers 5686D or 5686E.