Why RSI ?

Technology In Support of the Environment

Remediation Service Int'l (RSI), a division of Innovative Environmental Solutions, LLC, is a leading manufacturer of self contained, portable systems for soil and groundwater remediation. RSI also manufactures systems for air pollution prevention treating vapors from tank degassing, and other industrial vapor emission sources. Systems have been delivered across the U.S. and around the world. RSI is an established, reliable manufacturer providing complete technical and service support, including pilot testing, and special engineered systems to meet our customers' needs.

Our Patented S.A.V.E.TM System

Our patented S.A.V.E.TM portable remediation systems are versatile, with available modular components to meet the requirements of most projects. Our technology, for example, has been used successfully to remove Methyl Tert Butyl Ether (MTBE) dissolved in groundwater and destruction of chlorinated hydrocarbons in vented vapor streams.

Critical to our success has been the development of the patented Phoenix S.A.V.E.TM Controller. It continously monitors system operation to optimize system performance. The controller records process information for future retrieval and the telemetry feature allows bidirectional communication and control of the S.A.V.E.TM system(s).

These features significantly reduce labor costs associated with the operation of conventional remediation systems.

Don't Pay To Process Hot Air

Let RSI's Equipment Pay You with Process Savings, Energy Cogeneration, and More!

Historically, it has been the practice in the soil and groundwater remediation industry to specify oxidation equipment based upon maximized process flow rates and applied vacuum-but what are you really paying for?

Process Flow Rates vs. Mass Removal Rates

Most oxidation processes require influent dilution air to meet acceptable LEL process safety limits - sometimes reducing influent concentration down to 20% of LEL values. High process flow rates, therefore, do not necessarily equate to high mass removal rates, especially when VOC abatement is required.

Stop paying for processing ambient air! RSI's Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) technology utilizes dilution air only as necessary to maintain stoichiometric combustion. Further, RSI's ICE systems can operate with VOC influent concentrations at or above LEL with minimal to no supplemental fuel usage.

In the final analysis, when you compare the capital, installation, utility and O&M costs of thermal and catalytic oxidizers to ICE systems on a "cost per pound destroyed" basis, ICE technology is usually the clear, cost-effective choice.

In fact, according to a study conducted by the United States Air Force (AFCEE):

"Based upon the cost estimate provided in Section 3.4, ICE technology is similar to that of thermal and catalytic oxidation when influent concentrations range between 3,000 to 5,000 ppmv TVH. Above these concentrations, ICE technology becomes more cost-effective."*

*Excerpt from: “Final Comprehensive Technical Report for the Evaluation of Soil Vapor Extraction and Treatment Using Internal Combustion Technology”, Air Force Center For Environmental Excellence (AFCEE) Technology Transfer Division, July 1998 (The complete report is availablefrom RSI upon request.)

Look at the real bottom line! Don't let others sell you hot air! Make your investment dollars count by purchasing mass removal efficiency.

RSI systems are self-contained and portable. Trailer mounted units may be towed to your site, connected to a propane or natural gas source, and can be operating within minutes!


LetOur Equipment Pay You!

Generate Profits from Lost Product

Why should you settle for equipment that doesn't pay for itself? Not only does RSI's equipment operate without requiring an external source of electricity, now our equipment can produce electricity for other uses.

RSI now offers generator modules that interface with our internal combustion engines. Our systems provide up to 80kW of electrical power, and produce this electricity by using extracted contaminants as fuel while remaining completely under computerized emissions control.

The RSI Phoenix S.A.V.E. controller monitors and adjusts process parameters to maintain stoichiometric combustion even while the generator module is producing electricity. The end user is assured of safe, clean and continuous electrical power without impacting the integrity of the site remediation- in some instances, actually enhancing it.

Think of the convenience that this affords the user! Electrical power is now available on your site for running lights, electric pumps, tools, blower motors, compressors, etc.

But why stop there?

Produce and Sell Electricity Back to the Grid!

Properly equipped, RSI remediation equipment can turn unused energy in the form of hydrocarbon contaminants in the soil or groundwater into dollars in your pocket. Let RSI help you to realize a return on your investment while still remediating your property. Our gen-set module will produce electricity that can be sold back to the local utility company, and, in some instances, reduce actual operating costs. The energy that is produced can be sold back to your local electrical utility company. RSI can assist you in the selection of switching equipment that will ensure effective power transmission.

Advances in our control technology and increases in energy costs now make energy cogeneration a reality, with payback cycles that have been drastically reduced.

Consult with RSI for advice on the feasibility of installing energy cogeneration features on your next order.

Don't just let a great potential revenue source go up in smoke!